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When your car is dead, you give it a jumpstart. Now can you imagine the same, but for your SOUL?

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We want to help you be a joystarter... for yourself, your family and the WORLD!!

As a society, we are always looking for ways to be happier and more fulfilled. We buy new clothes, go on vacation, get new cars, and fill our homes with things, but it only produces temporary feelings of happiness.

It's no wonder that we are constantly on a quest to find joy and fulfillment. Joy is one of the most powerful emotions we can feel, especially when we are giving JOY to others!!!

When we're joyful, we're more likely to be kind, optimistic, and loving. We're also more likely to be healthy and successful. In fact, studies have shown that joyful people are more likely to: live longer, earn more money, be more resilient, have improved heart health, stronger immune systems, and have lower levels of stress hormones.

If you want to live a happier, healthier, and more successful life, a great place to start is by cultivating more joy in your life.

Living a joy-filled life is not as elusive as you might think.

I'm Rachel Joy Baribeau. And yes, my middle name really is JOY! I believe that everyone was born with purpose and greatness inside of them, some people just need a little help finding their way. There is a King, a Queen or royalty inside of you just waiting to be discovered.

I'm the founder of I'm Changing the Narrative, host of The Joystarters Podcast, and the author of "Relentless Joy: Finding Freedom, Passion, and Happiness (Even When You Have to Fight for It)."



Rachel Joy Baribeau climbed the ladder in sportscasting and blazed a trail for other females, becoming the first female host on SiriusXM College Channels, a (current) Heisman voter, and first ever host of the College Football Playoff National Championship game. In 2016 she saw a problem and was just audacious enough to think she could be part of the solution. She brings positivity and purpose to students, professionals and parents through her movement, I'm Changing the Narrative.

Presented in an encouraging and supportive environment, Rachel speaks about the power to change the narrative and to find purpose in life. In 55 minutes, Rachel covers themes such as leadership, mental health, self-care, domestic violence prevention, joy, social justice and interpersonal relationships. Everyone is challenged to live a life of Purpose, Passion and Platform.


Wouldn't it be amazing to wake up ready to take on the world, believing the world is filled with possibilities just waiting to be discovered?

When your car is dead, you give it a jumpstart. Imagine the same, but for your soul!

Joy is the feeling of hope that comes with the belief that the best is yet to come. It's a powerful emotion that can fuel our dreams and inspire us to action. And it's the emotion that can inspire us to make our dreams a reality.

The great news is: we can all cultivate more joy in our lives.

Joy comes from soul-care (deeper than self-care), strong relationships, spending time in nature, devoting time to hobbies, mindfulness, self-compassion, a positive environment, gratitude, appreciating the little things, slowing down, devoting time to helping others... and much more.


A Joystarter is someone who chooses to see the joy in every situation and spread that joy to others. They are positive, passionate people who believe that joy is contagious. When they walk into a room, they bring happiness with them. And when they/we don’t, we can learn tools to help us get it back, go deeper to find why it’s missing and be people that atone for our mistakes and ultimately are better in the long run!

(Joy is a choice, and a way of life, so even the most pessimistic people can cultivate more joy in their lives.)

Joystarters choose to look on the bright side of life, even when things are tough.

They radiate positivity and encourage others to do the same.

They are the sun on a cloudy day, the light in the darkness.

When you feel joy, you want to share it with the world.

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Join me in the Joystarters Club, a monthly subscription to help you cultivate joy and find fulfillment.

You'll receive weekly texts to help you develop skills that correlate to a more joyful life. And, you'll participate in monthly challenges with Joystarters world-wide to make the world around us a little brighter.

You'll also receive a journal to help you track your ideas, your joy, and your results and experiences with each Joystarter Challenge. And join other Joystarters in a Facebook group where we can encourage each other and network for the greater good!

Participate in monthly Zoom calls (recorded so you can watch at your convenience) and receive multiple bonus surprises throughout the year.

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