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Finding Freedom, Passion and Happiness
(Even When You Have to Fight for It)

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We all want more joy, but what happens when life kicks you in the gut? How do you maintain hope or look forward to the future?

Or, maybe everything seems fine with your career, family, and relationships. But, deep down, do you wish there was more...

In Relentless Joy, Rachel Baribeau reveals how anyone can transform pessimism into power and turn cynicism into solutions.


With the odds stacked against her, Rachel became the first female sportscaster to host on SiriusXM College Channels and hosted the very first College Football Playoff National Championship game. She has shared the secrets to her trailblazing journey with over 100,000 fans and students through her live events and movement, “I’m Changing the Narrative.”

As you read Rachel’s inspiring stories and contagious insights, Relentless Joy, will show you how to:

• Reclaim joy when your life feels blasted and barren

• Throw off the chains of what you are “supposed to be”

• See God working in ways you may have missed

• Identify the unique dream that sets your soul on fire

• Serve others and walk in joy for the rest of your life

Relentless Joy is not just another book about how to be happy. Instead, Rachel reveals how to notice commonly-missed opportunities to experience joy and share it with others.


No matter your circumstance, you can always change the narrative. Your story isn't over. The best is yet to come!

When I decided to write Relentless Joy, I knew it would be a life-changing opportunity for me and you as a reader. I don’t do anything half-heartedly. I really want the message of my book to count.


However, I didn’t just want to write a manuscript and throw it out into the world. I want as many people as possible to feel the power of experiencing more joy throughout the day.

But, how can I convince thousands of people that buying a book about joy is worth their time and money?

I decided to make buying the book a JOYFUL experience by offering irresistible bonuses and supporting people in need. Here’s what I mean…

When you pre-order Relentless Joy, you can choose to bless yourself and your friends. Or, you can choose to bless others. For example, you can donate your book purchase to the Lovelady Center that helps women rebuild their lives out of poverty or incarceration.


This has been my favorite part of writing the book. Turning the whole process into a way that you and I can share joy with others.


No matter if you buy one book or one thousand, I want to THANK YOU for supporting its message. It means the world to make this dream come true.


My hope is that Relentless Joy will empower you to experience more joy today and for the rest of your life.

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